Saturday, August 18, 2012

A few of the things I do now


What do I do now?
Well, its complicated.
I was in the military for 25 years, so I have a retirement check, it is OK, but not enough to sustain life, I also have disability check from the VA which is also OK, but still not enough to go to Cozumel and Tahiti and buy diamonds for my wife so..
One of the things I do is contract and sub contract. out

What the heck is that you say??
Well, I have a blog for that too LOL
Large corporations like NCR sell things like Cash registers, that evolve into complete point of sale computer based systems that need to be, serviced, repaired, installed, modified, upgraded.. etc...
This is just a Small example of one of the BUYERS (people that call me asking for bodies to do work) that need sub contractors to work for contractors like myself to get the big companies products out to large franchise holders or clients like Wall-mart..
If you drive down town past all the businesses you see, most of them are my clients. If electricity flies through it, if money can be spent on it or through it, and the cameras that watch it, the counters on the doors that count the people going in and out of the doors, the cables the network uses, the Internet access that the stores and companies use, the servers, printers telephone systems EVERYTHING except the cooking apparatus and the furniture and the high voltage electrical wires and devices ... That's what we do...
That's just one of my companies...
I run it our of my lounge chair in the living room and my front seat of my van, and on my android phone and android tablet while eating lunch or supper in town with my wife.
We live outside of any town on our own land outside city limits.
NO foot traffic...
I don't have employees, I have sub contractors.
Every time A buyer calls me and offers a contract, it is a NEW contract for my Sub contractor, they bid, we negotiate, they accept, or not.. I win either way...
I keep a percentage and we use portals as Mediary between us and the buyers to make sure we all get treated fairly.
Now,, not everyone can handle sub contract work...
It pays well, but payment comes with TERMS...
Terms can be from one to forty five DAYS ...
So, if you don't have a fist full of money in the bank, you usually start out taking the smaller paying jobs that pay sooner until you can get enough money saved up to go on the larger, higher paying jobs that take longer to pay.
How much can you make you say? well that all depends on a lot.
The market in your area, how much compaction you have.
If there are people doing it your area and they are not very good , your in luck.
The key to this niche is being better than the next guy and faster and more professional ..
Treating the end user( whomever is at the location you are doing the contract at) as if the world revolves around them will get your name moved up the list and the competition will be putting in applications at burger king for fry cook..

The most i ever made in one day with a crew is $1500.00 with the least of course being nothing.
I only worked 4 days that week and took the next week off lol..
But I have contractors in more than one state  so, I can stay home on a good month and not go out at all..

The real wealth builders in this country have a secret.... I know the secret and have since i was 16...
ON my 17th birthday I was making 60k a week and that was in 1970...
Yes it was legal and no i don't make that much every week now..
I don't have the energy I had back then and that opportunity was unique for it's time and I was at the TOP of the pyramid so to speak..
If i was to branch out and have 3 techs in every city in every state in the us i would be making about $1,250,200.00 a day... But im too old for that and would have to hire  large staff of people and train them and never sleep and never see my awesome wife...
Now, if someone wants to hand my about 100k I would be glad to help them set it up
I already helped three companies set up the portals being used to coordinate work to these techs...
I am currently on the advisory board of one of them now.
I have a few other companies that do other service oriented work as well. The pay is still better than a job, but not as complicated and the pay is more constant..
But these are businesses you run FROM your home, but you don't get to STAY at home if you want to go out and get the big bucks by doing the contracts yourself...
If you are interested in this type of contract work and or starting a contracting business where you do what I do and just dispatch and control your people, we can see about setting you up..
For more information email me at and put sub contracting franchise in the subject..
If you'd like to sub contract under us, put interested in sub contracting work in he subject line and list your skill-set and a brief resume. or simply join the mailing list on the Blog at

I will list all the other businesses that involve LEAVING the home on the  subcontracting blog..

I will attempt to keep this blog limited to jobs that you can do and still remain in your home :)
The reasons are so many why we want to be able to work from home,
There are pitfalls to this though and you REALLY need to avoid them of you going to make it.
Your family 
is also going to have to take it serious as well..
I will try yo discuse this in future posts
Since i have 10 blogs to wrtite iI will get back to you on the next post\

Don't forget to join our mailing list to get the free report for this month, I will send out an extra one for the next week or so as well.

Lets make money!!
Here are a few baubles to look at to inspire you...
My wifes ringset had 45 Diamonds in it...

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