Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here is one I highly Recomend !!!!!

By FAR the most impressed I have been by ALL the work at home things I have seen all 4 of my wife's do, this one is by far the best. The people that are in it, the multitude of products they have now, and are planning to offer over the next few years is just plain Amazing!
I went to a local Scentsy convention Yesterday and met about 500 of the most amazing women you could ever hope to meet. Every one of them upbeat , full of love and excitement and loving what they do.
We sat and watched a video of their annual convention in Las Vegas and I was so envious that we did not go...

They have several lines of products, not lmited to Just the Scentsy Scents, They also have three other lines you can elect ro market as well.
I will list each one separately using my wife's webpages ( that you get as an option when you sign up)
Yes in 40 years of marriage I have seen my wife's do just about every kind of work at home project you can imagine, each of them has their own pros and cons, and most of the time my wives would just put all the money back into buying more of the stuff they where marketing... Never really made enough to brag about.

But this is different. They all sat around talking about going on all these trips to Jamaica and incentive bonuses and showing pictures of all the places they had gone and goals they where all setting like paying off their new cars and one lady was setting her goal at letting her HUSBAND quit his job to work with her ...

I have been around this stuff for 40 years and have never seen this many women in one room get along this long (4 hours non stop without a break!!!) ever mind all agree on a common  mission and agree on how to get there and be so excited about it they had me cheering lol.

The start up cost was so low for this, and I was amazed my wife made it up in her first month with some to spare with only a few weekends...

At first I thought this was just going to be another "Hobie" but, after only a few months, it has become obvious that this has unlimited potential.
One lady at the meeting had 1700, that's one thousand seven hundred, people in her group...
She was sitting at home 4 years ago watching other peoples kids for next to nothing , and now shes trying to remember all the places her and her husband have been this year....

Yes all from scentsy!
It is not just the product, but the team you join... If you want to soar with the eagles, you cant work with turkeys....
You get on the right team and your non stop to success... Mentors leaders and people helping you all the way up the ladder to success!!!!

So, if you want an opportunity to start something from home that has low start up costs, that you could make back in the first month with a little effort... This is your opportunity... AND This is YOUR TEAM!

I will post all the other things they offer in separate posts ..

MY Wife's site had so much information in it, take your time and look around!
If you join this month before the 30th you will get summer and fall catalogs and both set of that's a good deal and I think you get to offer 10% off as well! and anything you sell before the 10th you get paid for on the 10th..
You could have fun with this especially with two weeks before the tenth!!!
If you order today you could have your kit in a few days, yr website in a few days and be off to the races!!!
average parties around here bring in 400-500 each party. Karen's first party was over 700.00..
So take a look at her page and see what you could be making and all the free and half price Items you could get, and then resell for full price and on and on....

Take a look today
I promise you wont be sorry...

I am a man and I was impressed...

I even have my own scentsy shirt now :)


Karen Toms Certified Consultant _ MY Wife !! <--Click here to see her site today!

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